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Oscar Wilde elective descendant, professed yoga-sceptic yogi, self-ironic philosopher and unpretentious intellectual, manque artist, Monty Python enthusiast, smartphone addict, nature worshipper, pin up model for fun, fashion blogger for necessity and novelist who didn't want to be a novelist. One of the girls who want to hear those three words from a handsome stranger: I'm the Doctor. more...

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Reishi mushrooms are widely used in Chinese traditional medicine, which used them for thousands years, while its effects are still not yet known to the Western wider public. One of the relevant benefits of reishi mushroom is their cytotoxic effects on tumoral cells. However, cancer is not the only illness threatened by the spreading of the usage of reishi mushrooms People of all ages and sexes can benefit of a wide range of improvements in their overall well being.
Published by Alessia Cesana 66 months ago in Asian & Chinese Medicine | +4 votes | 2 comments
Words reported from people to other people are not always accurate, and medical advices are not always fully understood. This is why false myths about our health are spread, creating confusion and provoking wrong attitudes and mistakes in dieting. In addition to this, often such myths are spread by self-proclaimed nutrional experts.
Published by Alessia Cesana 68 months ago in Metabolism | +5 votes | 3 comments
Time is a great resource for freelance writers who want to make a living out of their words on the internet. Looking for sources, both of inspiration and to support the thesis of the article, is essential, but it takes time. There are, however, great resources to save time and write informative articles easily and freely available on the Internet.
Published by Alessia Cesana 68 months ago in Green & Energy Jobs | +4 votes | 1 comments
Many parents prefer to work at home to care after their children, or to have more flexible hours to suit their families schedules. Freelance writing about their own parenthood experience could be a successful choice that will earn them extra money or a whole income. Here are a few tips for making effective choices when approaching freelance writing about parenthood.
Published by Alessia Cesana 68 months ago in Work At Home | +2 votes | 1 comments
Reasons why speaking foreign languages can help your career.
Published by Alessia Cesana 69 months ago in Adult & Job Skills Education | +2 votes | 0 comments
How e-learning could help your career and why it is a valid choice
Published by Alessia Cesana 69 months ago in Green & Energy Jobs | +6 votes | 3 comments